Ok sooo I’m going to this concert in just over a week but the Times reviewed The Circus Starring Britney Spears and it just made me super excited!!!

Their review: She’s Back and Now She’s Angry

I’m so glad that Brit is more in control (I mean her dad has a lot of sway…) and is happy. She smiled, yelled “This mama is in control!” and seemed to have a good time. The Times reviewer seemed somewhat surprised to see this Britney, but I mean seriously has he been paying attention? Brit has seemed happier for awhile and really is getting her life back in control. It makes me happy, as a long time Brit fan who is rooting for her to make a full comeback. I think with this concert she is doing just that.

I can’t wait to see Circus after Spring Break and at that point I’ll report back about what I thought of the concert!