Ty Inc., aka my favorite company when I was in elementary/beginning of middle school because of Beanie Babies, added some new dolls to their collection. Their names? Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia. Ty claims that it’s just a coincidence that the dolls share their name with the First Daughters (Is that a proper term for the President’s daughters? I’m going with it…) but the fact that they resemble them as well, just makes that statement ridiculous.

I don’t blame Michelle Obama for getting upset over the dolls, I would be too if dolls were being made without my permission that look like my girls. Ty has now “retired” the dolls which has made the price go sky high on auction sites like eBay (kind of like when Ty would announce that a beanie baby was retiring and it’s price would totally sky rocket…if only they were still worth that much money…).

Still, that was REALLY poor taste on Ty’s part. It’s one thing if you sign a deal with Miley Cyrus to make a doll but the Obama girls aren’t public figures by choice. I’d also like to point out that some of the other dolls are named Lindsay, Paris, Brittney, Hillary and Hannah. All do bear some resemblance to a famous person with the same first name…hmmmm. The really obvious ones are Paris and Hillary-really Hillary? Like Hillary Clinton? That’s sooo random! Ty, start getting creative again because jumping on the bandwagon with famous people, it’s just not completely your style.