Ikea is probably the largest store ever. And one that can be full of stress, screaming children, terrible walkers and more furniture than you can imagine. But it’s ALL there. Holy smokes does it just suck time out of your day. But we have a plan of attack when we go to Ikea: start in the “As Is” section. You’ve probably passed the “As Is” section on your way to the registers, it’s right at the end of the store, well at least the one here in Renton, WA. It is full of damaged furniture, but what that damage is can really vary. For instance maybe it’s slightly dinged up or maybe pieces are missing, you never know, but you do know that it’ll be a steal of a deal. You have to expect to do some work or love its imperfections.

We like starting there because if we find something that we can deal with then we don’t need to walk through the whole store. It also gives us ideas and if we aren’t 100% sold on it then we walk around, see if there is anything we like better and if we don’t, come back and see if it’s still around. Of course, if we didn’t like anything then we’d go to another store to see what they have in stock. But Ikea, so far, has been our go-to store.

The first “as is” piece we bought was a bookshelf that was mismatched, which I will blog about later after we are done making it our own. The second, was this dresser. Its damage? Missing a drawer, which actually made it perfect for what we wanted it for: an entry table.

The Edland series seems to be on it’s way out at our local Ikea but we set our eyes on this “damaged” piece in the As Is section. We weren’t totally sold on it so we walked through the store to get ideas. When we saw it with two drawers it just didn’t speak to me for what we were planning on using it for. We saw another great piece but it was just not in the budget, so we went back to the one in the As Is area and knew it was the one. And it was about 33% off! It is a totally different look from our other furniture, honestly it doesn’t seem like it’s from Ikea at first glance.

I love it’s vintage-feel. In the photo I can tell that the back is not supposed to be seen but you can’t really tell in person with the shadows on the shelf (thanks camera flash for exposing the imperfection). I am not a huge fan of the knobs when I saw the piece with both drawers in but I don’t really mind it with one drawer; don’t ask me why, I just don’t have an answer for that. We plan on getting a mirror to hang above it soon, we have a specific one in mind from a store in Arizona, so we’ll be getting that on a trip home sometime soon I hope.

I am totally loving having this table instead of having our stuff scattered all over the place, or using our extra dining chairs in the same spot. I also finally found a spot for the basket I had spray painted for our wedding (on the right),  flowers and some cute knick knacks (from Target)!

Our other “As Is” piece should be done soon, you’ll see why it’s taken me so long to write about it when you see the final product, and there will be a blog post about it. It is really our first DIY project together and I am loving it, can’t wait to show you!

But for now, do you love the “As Is” section of Ikea as much as I do? Gotten any good steals there?