On Thursday night I went on a NYC Food Crawl of ice cream shops (coordinated with Scoops on Cones) in the Meatpacking District/Chelsea. I showed up late (had to apply for an apartment first) but made it in time to hit up 5 of the 6 ice cream spots on the crawl (I have eaten the 6 many times though-Miss Softee, who parks outside of my office everyday)! It was soooo delicious, ice cream for dinner was an excellent idea indeed.

First stop: L’Arte del Gelato, Chelsea Market

I’d had this one before as well, but boy is it delicious! My group really loved the grape (l’uva) which I missed since I was late. I opted for the Peach (this month’s featured flavor) and tiramisu. Both were delicious! The peach is very refreshing and tastes as if you were eating the summer hand fruit. Tiramisu had all of the flavors in the sweet Italian dessert-ladyfingers, coffee and rum, of course. It was also a good combination of two flavors. Neither were too heavy, but the tiramisu was more heavy than the peach, so it struck a nice balance.

Second stop: Ronnybrook, Chelsea Market

Please pardon the fact that this is partially eaten

The dairy farm’s storefront in Chelsea Market serves breakfast as well, but c’mon we were all there for their ice cream! I got a sample of Blueberry which was good, not my favorite though. As a group we shared Coconut Almond and Pumpkin. The Coconut Almond was very coconutty, and while I’m not the biggest coconut fan, I thought it was good. It also had some whole almonds in it as well. Not my favorite though. Pumpkin was delicious! It was like Thanksgiving dessert in frozen form (obviously, I know). It was spiced just enough to give it a kick and had just enough pumpkin to not overpower the whole thing. The two flavors went well together, surprisingly, I think because of the light/heavy factor again and just that the nuts in the Coconut Almond do go well with Pumpkin, at least in my opinion. They also have tasty looking ice cream sandwiches, I’ll be back for sure.

Third Stop: People’s Pops, Chelsea Market

So I wrote about People’s Pops early this week because they are also at Brooklyn Flea Market. This time we split the Pear-Jasmine, I think…I’m having an awful time remembering, it must have been pear-jasmine. Odd combination that works, truthfully. Would I get it again? Only if the other flavors were bizarre/sold out. It was refreshing and a nice little break from all that dairy. The guys broke the pop into 4 pieces for us so it was easier for four people to eat. Totally check out People’s Pops though, the guys are super nice. And if you want a pop on a hot day, they are always at Chelsea Market, so you don’t have to wait for Brooklyn Flea over the weekend!

Fourth Stop: Three Tarts, 9th Ave and 20th Street

Ok, first of all-how adorable are the ice cream sandwiches from Three Tarts? And the little plate? Ahhh, it was love. The shop is a super cute bakery and storefront for home goods that I may just have to go back for (pending approval of before mentioned apartment). This little guy is their Rosemary Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich. Before tasting it, I really had no idea what to expect, but it was very literal. It tasted like rosemary, just a tad sweeter than if you ate it straight and fresh from the bush. It was very refreshing and reminded me of my favorite flavor of all time, Mint Chocolate Chip. The chocolate was a nice contrast to the rosemary. Also sold at Three Tarts? Marshmallows. Soooo tasty and light and delicious. We got the Strawberry-Basil and Passionfruit. Get the Passionfruit if they have it. It was amazing.

Fifth and final stop: Blackwell’s Organic Truck, mobile

The green truck with flashing screens was parked on 10th Ave and 20th Street, although I have seen it around the city. There were a ton of options-soy gelato, sorbet, soft serve and hard ice cream. We went traditional and got chocolate. It was the perfect way to end the evening. And somehow four of us shared a cone (we saved spoons from earlier stops). The chocolate was everything you want in a chocolate, just a good, solid classic ice cream.

All in all it was a delicious evening! (And the weather was perfect too.) I ate sooo many good ice creams, and expanded my horizons-I mean rosemary, pumpkin, coconut…Anyway, check out these great ice cream places. And Miss Softee too, she always features different specials that tempt me out of my office, and it makes Mr. Softee ice cream more than just Mr. Softee ice cream. I’m totally going on another food crawl, I may even make up my own! We’ll see but mmmm tasty tasty ice cream! Also, for photos of the event check out Metromix. There aren’t pictures of me or my group but there are tons of tasty looking ice creams and happy people!