My boyfriend found a recipe online for making your own ice cream cake, and being avid chefs, dessert lovers and semi-adventurous (him way more so than me) when it comes to food, we decided to try it ourselves! I was nervous that it was going to be really hard, but surprisingly it was not!

We used a boxed cake-chocolate-and baked it for 15 minutes on a cookie sheet because you need the cake to be really thin. If you have an actual jelly-roll pan that is perfect, but the cookie sheet worked just fine! You bake it for 15 minutes then transfer it onto a towel sprinkled with powdered sugar. Then sprinkle more powdered sugar on the top. Then you roll the cake up in the towel and let it cool. This part takes awhile-obviously, since the cake was fresh out of the oven. Once it’s cool-unroll!

Our cake was a bit broken when we unrolled it, I’m not sure why, but it worked out just fine. We pushed the pieces all closer together as we put Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (green colored, of course) on top and spread it out. Try to spread it evenly to get a consistent cake, especially at the ends. Once the ice cream is spread out roll the cake back up and freeze. And voila! Ice Cream Cake!

That’s the final product! It’s beautiful and delicious! It lasted the two of us about a week. I really want to make it for a party-just cut off the ends to have a nice and neat looking cake presentation-wise (if you care).