After some plane delays, good airplane food, half of Coraline, and sleep, I made it to Frankfurt, Germany. From there I took a train to Freiburg to meet my friend Jason. The scenery was beautiful as we traveled south through Germany. It was nice to arrive to a friendly face that spoke fluent English, especially since I know about 3 words in German (hello, thank you and your welcome). We rode the tram, sooo nice and a smooth ride, I wish the subways were like them, to Jason’s apartment in basically student area. He had an amazing view from a balcony of the town and Black Forest.

We walked around a lake near his apartment (I totally forget the name now) and then Jason cooked dinner for me and one of his friends. It was really good! I didn’t know he could cook, so it was a great surprise!
Anyway, back to Freiburg. I really liked the city. It was really easy to get around by foot, tram or bike. There were some cars but most people did not drive into the town center. Freiburg has a lot of adorable buildings in German style. They are all so great! Here is a picture of my wonderful host and I in front of some:

I really enjoyed Freiburg. It was really cute and the cathedral was the most beautiful I had seen yet (which changed as soon as I got to my next few stops). The I loved the stained glass and statues throughout the cathedral. They were restoring the outside but you can tell that it is beautiful.

I had real German bratwurst (although there is better stuff elsewhere, but the market outside the cathedral was just too close to pass up. We also had schnitzel and spatzle which was delicious and beer, of course. I got a GIANT glass and well it was just fantastic. I did not get to a Beer Garden but I’m going back to Germany at the end of my travels to Berlin so I’ll have to go then! But Freiburg was great and also, a wonderful jumping off point for my next two stops-two day trips, one to France and one into the Black Forest. More to come later!