Ok, the title is a little off but it’s true, maybe I should say I discovered a great use for it that makes my hair FANTASTIC. I like to keep it simple when it comes to styling my hair. Everytime I get my haircut I tell my stylist that I want to be able to just blow dry my hair and run out the door. I can also do the following 4 things: blow dry, gel-scrunch-go/air dry (see I do know about gel), straighten and curl with hot curlers.

Yesterday I decided to try the gel-scrunch-go/air dry, but I decided to switch it up a bit and blow dry my hair. I have a diffuser somewhere but didn’t have time to find it. So I started blow drying and using my fingers as the diffuser. Well, I noticed that it was just not working and was actually straightening my hair a bit (for the record-my hair has a slight wave, nothing major). So, I decided to just blow dry it normally. I discovered that my hair stayed all day long. It didn’t get awkward, it was more consistently straight and curled under and well, just great.

So I did it again today and shazaam! Hair perfection!

I use Enjoy‘s Shaping Lotion.

I like it, it’s pretty light, and well it’s making my hair sexy, so no complaints from me! If you have other hair secrets, pass them on!