It has been about 3 months since I’ve been home in Phoenix and it’s good to be back. Minus the crazy heat. It is currently 104 outside, which is the main reason that you will find me inside for the rest of my time here. I always forget how much I love the comforts of home. I find myself loving driving (that is until I have to buy some gas), loving the comforts of not buying food, or going to work. So far it has been relaxing and I wish that time zones didn’t exist but thanks to Ben Franklin they do. 

I wonder what it is that makes home so great. Maybe it’s the knowing of everything and the fact that you don’t have to worry about everything. It’s a great comfort to just be somewhere that you spent your whole life. Sure a lot has changed but it’s still home sweet home.
This week will most likely go by quickly. I will be seeing lots of friends and family as well as writing cover letters to potential fall internships. I don’t like how you have to apply so far in advance, it makes me feel bad to my current internship for thinking so far ahead and not about the here and now. Oh well, that is life.