As summer started here in Washington I opened my windows to get fresh air into my a/c-less home. And I’m not sure if it was a combination of the windows open, the fresh fruit or the flowers that attracted the bugs inside but there they were. These little tiny fruit flies in my kitchen and bathroom. They didn’t bite but they were super annoying. So as with most home issues I took to Google to find the best remedy. I was debating if I should go to the store for some bug repellent but alas, I decided to try something more natural at first.

My first attempt was to just fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar and dish soap, the most common remedy. The problem was that I left it open so most of the flies hung out on the edge of the bowl. Then I talked to some people who suggested a tall glass filled with the same solution covered with saran wrap with holes. They could fly in but wouldn’t be able to make it out. And voila! Trapped! Down go the flies.

But then I had a revelation. While eating dinner and drinking wine I noticed that the flies were vinophiles. They were all over my glass and the cork of the red wine. So I decided to use my cooking wine, a bottle that I didn’t drink quickly enough that was relegated to cook with. I wasn’t really using it for that either, so I covered the top in saran warp with holes and bug trap success!

Overall the bugs were far more attracted to the apple cider vinegar solution than the wine but the wine works. So I’d only suggest it if you have an open bottle of something you didn’t like or that you aren’t really using for cooking. Change the vinegar solution every few days to get rid of the dead flies and attract the new ones. I’m noticing that with slightly cooler temperatures the last few days that less flies are around but I’m not banking on that lasting too long.