With the holidays upon us I figured I should share my holiday decorating crafts. We wanted to have a festive apartment even though we were going to be out of town for some of the holidays. I decided to make a wreath and garland since nothing pre-made was in the budget or looked like what we wanted. A quick trip to Michael’s provided everything I needed for both.

What I bought:

  • Premade pine branch wreath and garland
  • Fake Poinsettia flowers (I was very picky in picking those out)
  • Gold branch/flowers
  • 2 Cranberry garlands
  • Strand of white lights

I started out with the wreath. I wrapped the stems of the two types of flowers every so often together to complete the look (see above). It was really easy. We bought a wreath hook at Target and voila! Wreath.

For the garland I really wanted simplicity. Our mantle isn’t very wide. I took the cranberry garlands and wrapped it around the pine garland. Then I wrapped the white Christmas lights around it all. I placed it on the mantle, plugged it in and the final product:

Also on the mantle: a snow globe Bloomingdale’s Brown Bag, candlesticks by Oreffor’s (a wedding gift from my lovely friend Caitlin–read her blog Put One Foot In Front of the Other) and vase by Kate Spade NY.

Both of these crafts were super simple, especially for people that aren’t the best at crafts like me. The one craft that I couldn’t bring myself to making were our stockings. Maybe if I had a sewing machine (I am NOT asking for one by the way). I found the perfect ones on Etsy by the shop Hung by the Chimney. I hung them on simple stocking hooks, complimented by our cake topper from the wedding.

Our home is still missing a tree, we’re hoping to get one on after-Christmas sales or next year. Anyone else do any Christmas crafts? What did you make?

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have a great Christmahanukwanzakah or Festivus, whatever you celebrate, and an amazing new year (if I don’t post before then, look out for a new name for the blog in 2012)!