I started skiing years and years ago but stopped due to a combination of time and minor knee issues. But my boyfriend got really into skiing last year after taking a class at his school (I’m JEALOUS!) and now that he’s in Colorado this semester it was the perfect time to wax off my skis and join him for a weekend on the slopes!

We headed out to Keystone Resort early Saturday morning and hit traffic and snow, so we didn’t get there as early as we hoped but it was all good. We got all suited up and headed up the mountain.

Me all ready to go-super bundled up!

I was nervous if I was going to remember how to ski but it all came back so quickly and naturally. My first couple mini runs partway down the mountain were heavy on the pie turn (super beginner way to turn) but I quickly started turning with my skis more parallel. My boyfriend was great-he would wait for me as I slowly came down the mountain, giving me pointers and urging me on. He motivated me to get back to the intermediate skier that I was, as did the small children around me that were zooming down the mountain-and with no poles!

The second time we went all the way to the top of the mountain it was COLD and really snowy. I was miserable, so was he. So we rushed down the mountain-talk about a confidence booster-to get warm and some lunch. I only fell once-on the steep part at the end, which involved me losing my ski-ugh-but all in all it was excellent!

Keystone was a great place to ski. They have beautiful runs and the scenery is just breathtaking. I wish it wasn’t as snowy so we could have done a few more runs, and come back the next day, but we knew it wouldn’t be fun if we were too cold. (I’ll post our non-ski day adventures tomorrow.) I can’t wait to go back in March for another day of skiing, I wish it could be for longer, but our spring breaks don’t line up. If you haven’t skied ever, or in awhile, go back-it really is a great workout and tons of fun!