Barbie turned 50 today and well it just makes me happy! She was my favorite doll growing up and I had multiple variations, including Malibu and Skipper. I also have my mom’s old Barbie and Ken dolls in their original carrying case with clothes and everything! They are really cool, but since they were pretty near to the original one, I hardly ever played with them.

While I was reading all the coverage about Barbie’s birthday I came across the newest addition. Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie.

Now this is the whole set. It comes with tattoos that you can put on yourself with a fancy gun thing.

I really don’t know what to think! Parents are upset because it gives the wrong idea to their children. But think about it-a lot of people in my generation have tattoos and are having/will eventually have kids. They aren’t bad people, they are role models too. I know some really smart people with tattoos that are doing great things in their life. Now, is it a look that I want? No. But tattoos are popular so it might be time for Barbie to join the club. They are removable for children, I don’t know about the doll. How crazy would it be to have a Barbie all tatted up? haha I think it’d be pretty funny.

I’m interested to see how this Barbie will do on the market…or how long it lasts AND if she’ll come back in a few years when more people from my generation are having kids after college/grad school/etc.

Ooooh Barbie…always the rebel aren’t you?