For the last 7 years I’ve been going to Raena or Julie, but mainly Raena. She is a sweetheart and knows me all too well. I can go in there ask for highlights and a cut and she works miracles. Anyway, it’s been just over 3 months since I got a haircut and I couldn’t wait until December when I go home to get another one. Anna, my roommate, recently got conned in to buying those promotional offers on the street. She bought two for less than the price of one, so I got the 2nd one. I decided to go and get the haircut. I was sooo nervous going to the salon because like I said, only one of two people have cut my hair in forever. The woman that greeted me was nice with big boobs that were in my face whenever I faced her and red highlights in her bangs. But well put together none the less. I told her I wanted a trim. She then tried to sell me highlights for about 5 minutes, each time me saying no, and later lying that I didn’t get a paycheck this week so I couldn’t afford it, even at the new client discount. (For the record I’m growing out my highlights right now and really don’t want to touch them-I want to see my natural hair color.) The shampoo was good, but then she was trying to sell me some fancy vitamin hair treatment, which again I declined. I know it’s her job to try to get me to buy this extra stuff but I really wasn’t interested.

Anyway, she cut my hair, I was nervous the whole time, but when she was done, it looked cute! I guess I didn’t get anything too crazy or drastic but at the same time when you’re used to something you don’t want change, at least I don’t. This experience taught me that it’s okay to go other places to get your hair done, and that they won’t be awful-they do have to be certified after all. I lucked out, that’s for sure. I probably won’t go back to this salon for a cut again, but I do eventually need to find a salon in NYC to go to with a stylist that I can trust and have a good relationship with. The catching up on life was what I missed most today. I missed hearing about Raena’s kids and telling her all about my life too, it’s like a mini-therapy session or coffee with your friend. Anyway, lesson learned-don’t be afraid. BUT I can’t wait until December when I go home to see Raena again.