Since I don’t have school I find myself with lots of time to watch TV, lots and lots of TV. While there are some bad (i.e. Wipeout) but there is also a lot of good stuff. And I know that a lot of them are just new seasons of old good ones but they really are great. Here are my rundowns of my favorites. 

The Bachelorette. I was weary of watching this show but I started watching with my friend and well, I loved it! I’m totally addicted now and get upset when Deanna makes crazy decisions-like really Jesse and Jason are the top 2?!?!? Ok mainly I miss the man candy that was Jeremy (and Graham). I do have a lot of respect for Graham for not giving in to the cameras and not opening up-he was not made for reality TV love. I can’t wait to see what happens in the end…next week!

So You Think You Can Dance. One word: AMAZING! It makes me wish that I had stuck with dance a bit more, or at least would spend my money on dance classes instead of the dresses I bought the other day (but I love them so I’m keeping them!). The dancers are truly amazing and so is the choreography. They do all styles of dance and are able to pull so many fans in and love it too. I am so glad that I really started watching this show because it’s great. Except Mary’s loudness…and craziness…
Shear Genius. Ok I won’t lie, I haven’t watched the first 2 episodes yet but I am super excited to catch up soon (aka after this long weekend). I loved the first season and can’t wait to see what season 2 is like. 
I Love the New Millennium. GENIUS! HILARIOUS! Maybe because I knew about everything from the 2000s it made it better than I love the 80s and 90s but I don’t care. I don’t even have words because I just loved it. Bushisms…omg thank you VH1.