Yesterday I was reading the NY Times and came across an amazing description. It really caught my eye and made me wish that I could even think of writing this:

“The thing is, we ain’t closed,” said Jimmy Carchiolo, an old salt with a pigskin voice who has run a dart game behind the Wonder Wheel for 43 years. “Astroland went under, but everybody figures it’s the same. Astroland’s three acres. People don’t know how Coney Island works.”

I could see this guy that had been there for so long just frustrated with the confusion (which I’ll admit I thought Coney Island was all closed too…thank goodness it’s not!) and wanting people to come and give him work! Great work by Alan Feuer.

For the whole story: Coney Island Opens for Another ‘Last’ Summer

I’m very happy that Coney Island is alive and kicking, while Astroland will be missed, those rides are also at the Wonder Wheel park. And hey-The Cyclone is still open, the beach is there, and Nathan’s…mmm Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Hopefully I can get out to Coney Island this summer for a day (or more) to hang out, go to the aquarium (which I have yet to visit) and have fun.