This past week has been slightly crazy to say the least. My parents were in town, we packed/moved stuff into storage and my summer apartment #1, I graduated twice and I hung out with lots of people. Needless to say I’m exhausted. But I’m done with college! Well, my undergraduate career anyway. Graduate school is somewhere in the future, not sure when or what or where. So what does NYU graduation entail? Radio City, Yankee Stadium and purple gowns.

I won’t bore you with the details of moving, so onto Ceremony #1: College of Arts and Science, Radio City Music Hall.

The 1800 some CAS seniors lined up, marched in and had all of our names called as we walked across the stage where the Rockettes dance!! It’s always been my dream to dance on that stage, and so when I realized I would never hit 5’7″ I was a bit sad, but my dream was fulfilled somewhat when I walked across that stage to shake the hands of Vice Chancellor Foley and Dean Santirocco to accept that I have graduated. I did it! The ceremony was nice, we had a great speech by President Sexton, the faculty speaker Professor Waley-Cohen of the history department and Eric Min, our valedictorian. The reading of names/walking across stage took almost 2 hours (the whole ceremony was 3), but it was fun cheering for all of my friends as they walked across the stage and didn’t trip!

That night was Grad Alley, a massive street fair and carnival. Anna and I walked around with her dad, my brother and friend, to see people, not wait in line for food or games. It was really cold in NYC this week randomly and we were done at Grad Alley so we went off to visit our friend Sheldon before going to dinner with my parents.

All-University Commencement was on Wednesday and it was not only raining but also freezing. It was only fitting for it to rain since it rained on our move-in day freshman year. Anna wore her Red Sox jersey over her robe, as we’d be spending the day in Yankee Stadium. The 4 train was full of purple robes and there was a swarm from the station into the stadium. We got snazzy baseball hats and ponchos, which were very handy in the rain. I sat with my fellow CAS grads and really lucked out to be near sme of my friends.

Alec Baldwin was our speaker and he actually showed up!! He was supposed to speak to us at Presidential Welcome freshman year but threw out his back. To all of our joy, he remembered and mentioned it in his speech to us about commitment to our lives, family and what we believe in. Overall, we were freezing and wet the entire time, but it was totally worth it. It was an experience to say the least that I will remember for the rest of my life.