I will admit, I didn’t watch Glee right away, it took me awhile, and then, then I got hooked. I decided I could have another show so Hulu answered and I couldn’t stop and watched Glee every week like clockwork. The show was inspiring, spoke to everyone and inspired us all to follow our dreams.

The season finale went by so quickly. I can’t believe Regionals was right after the first commercial break! But there was so much to get through, and while I was unsure at first where it was going, I love it. I won’t ruin it for those of you who have yet to watch it, but let’s just say the songs were amazing, they gave me the chills. I was so glad they sang “Don’t Stop Believing” because it has always been my favorite Glee song. Then there was “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” They are being downloaded now and probably played on repeat for awhile.

I can’t wait for Season 2 of snarky comments from Sue, silly quotes from Brittany, the songs, the dances, the love stories…well, everything! When does the fall season start? Because I want to start the countdown today. In the meantime I’ll listen to all the songs and re-watch the whole season. Thank you Fox for showing it all summer.