Finals and rearranging my room for the summer has consumed my time for the past few weeks and now I am back. I must catch up with my news and such, but I am back and ready for the summer! 

Today while carrying the last of my heavy boxes of books to the post office 2 blocks away, the doormen at an apartment building across the street offered me a hand cart to help. I declined and he insisted but I still said that I would be fine, I felt bad saying no to him (I probably should have taken him up on this offer, but that’s another story). He was so friendly and kind; this led me to think about the rude  New York stereotype that really isn’t true. A friend of mine told me once that New Yorkers aren’t rude, they are just busy and in a hurry. This couldn’t be more true. 

New Yorkers have places to go, people to see and busy streets to navigate full of other New Yorkers on the go. They don’t have time to join the tourists in looking at skyscrapers, take pictures of cabs or other New York things, or look at a huge map. But when the New Yorkers get to their destination they truly are friendly. So if you are visiting NYC, find the New Yorkers that aren’t on a rampage going somewhere, and they will be friendly and answer your questions about where the Empire State Building is or which way to walk to Broadway. 
But this goes another way too, New Yorkers must remember when they aren’t on a rampage to help the tourists that they meet or just slow down and enjoy their city. I know that I need to do this as well and slow down while I walk to Kmart or Duane Reade or the grocery store. I think that all New Yorkers should remember that it’s okay to take a quick break and help someone out that wants to love NYC too.