I have been eating at Food Trucks like I originally planned on, I promise! I just keep forgetting to blog about the food. So, before the epic rain storms of last week, I checked out Frites ‘N’ Meats for a burger and fries.

You get the option of type of meat, cheese, bun and additional toppings. I got the grass fed angus on brioche with goat cheese and mesclun greens. I must admit that I had never had goat cheese on a burger, which was a crime, because it was sooo tasty. I also absolutely love goat cheese. The burger was definitely delicious and well cooked. Here’s a picture of it:

Then onto the fries! I had a major craving and I can’t pass up Belgian Fries. You can also get a sauce, for 50 cents, I opted for garlic aioli, which was okay. I preferred the fries with ketchup. And it’s not that I don’t like fries and mayo, I do, but I just wasn’t a fan of the one I got. I can’t speak of the other sauces, but the fries were still tasty.

Check out Frites ‘N’ Meats if they are in your neighborhood, it’s a good meal, and the goat cheese burger…mmmm sooo good. I am going to try to make my own next time I make burgers!