You are probably thinking to yourself, a waffle and pulled pork? Seriously? Yes. Seriously. Seriously good.

The waffle truck, or Wafle & Dinges, as it is officially known, is popular for it’s sweet waffles, spekuloos spread, defeating Bobby Flay in Throwdown, but they also have a savory waffle, which I recently ate for lunch and O M Geeeee it’s delicious. First, a look at it:

It’s a waffle with pulled pork and coleslaw on top. The pulled pork is perfectly tender, yummy barbecue sauce, and perfectly made coleslaw. You would think that such savory food wouldn’t go well on a waffle but it really was the opposite. Wafles & Dinges tops their regular waffle, not the lieges, with the good stuff. The liege has little balls of sugary goodness in it, hence why the “regular” one is used. It’s just like an open faced BBQ sandwich. The BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy, the coleslaw just sour enough. All-in-all it was a satisfying lunch, that I didn’t get all over my white t-shirt, thanks to a table and careful eating in Bryant Park.

I’ve eaten the sweet waffles as well, my favorite is the liege with nutella and strawberries, it’s a perfect dessert, anytime of the day. Next that I want to try at the truck is the Bacon and Syrup, as well as one with ice cream, especially since it’s now summer.

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