I’ve seen pizza trucks before but not being a HUGE pizza fan I’d never stopped. Well, in my quest to try all the food trucks I went to Eddie’s Pizza Truck NY. The truck is the Manhattan mobile-version of a pizzeria in New Hyde Park. It is equipped with ovens to make individual and large pizzas. I saw on their menu “bar pizza” and assumed that just meant a large slice of pizza, premade, but boy was I wrong.

Each pizza is made as you order it, with fresh ingredients and then put into the oven for your own, made-to-order meal. You can get their special of the week or choose your own toppings. I chose the latter and opted for roasted pepper and black olives. I still was expecting a large slice of pizza but was pleasantly surprised to get a 10″ thin-crust pizza (I didn’t read the menu close enough obviously). I didn’t think I could eat it all but I devoured the pizza. Fortunately it’s only 270 calories. The thin crust makes it easier to eat it all in one sitting, as well as the perfect amount of cheese and other toppings-just enough to fill you up. Their recent specials included ricotta and eggplant and Buffalo Chicken. I was hoping to try the Buffalo Chicken this week but didn’t make it back to the truck. They also have sides that include sweet potato gnocchi that I really want to try, you’ll expect me to hit them up again in midtown one day for lunch. For now, I apologize for not taking a picture, but I highly recommend the pizza.