Now that I’m living back on the grid system (YAY YAY YAY!!!) I’m noticing all of the wonderful architecture all the time! One of my favorite NYC buildings has always been the Flatiron Building.

Please note in the picture above that the front of the building is unobstructed. That the doorway at the tip of the building is surrounded by 2 columns.

Now sometime in history a glass enclosed area has been added. I’m not sure when but I don’t like it. I feel like it takes away from the true architecture of the building. I think it’s been there for awhile, since I saw some old photos on Google Images that look like it’s there, and the ironwork looks kinda old, but no matter when it was added I don’t like it one bit. See the photo below (currently Sprint, who has a store at that part of the building uses it to advertise).

So, free the Flatiron Building! I never really noticed the glass case thing until this week as I walk by it everyday (I love my new walk to work!), and it does work with the building, but the columns are so beautiful in there. I wish that they could be seen by everyone without looking crazy going up to the building and staring, as I did.