I can’t believe this trip was two weeks ago! It’s been a busy few weeks with the engagement and all but I want to share this fun weekend getaway that James and I had with his family just before he popped the question.

We traveled down to Baltimore to visit James’ family and go fishing. I hadn’t been fishing since elementary school, and that was in a pond in a Phoenix park, so it doesn’t really count. This time it was the real deal. We were on a chartered fishing boat in the Chesapeake Bay. The guys that ran the boat set up poles around the side, dropped the bait and drove the boat to the best fishing spots. They even had a radar screen to monitor where the fish were/how big they were/etc. Basically we sat back and waited for one of the lines to drop and then ran to a pole to reel in the catch. That sounds easy enough but to reel it in is hard! I, being a self-proclaimed weakling, got this handy-dandy harness to hold the pole in:

The whole day was a blast. I caught 3 fishes, 2 were thrown out (1 because it was small, 1 because we reached our quota). James, his brother, uncle and mom’s partner each caught a HUGE fish. James pulled in 2 fish on one line (there were 2 baits per line) three times!! Here are some photos:

James and his Big Fish


James with the mate and 2 fish
James bracing me as I reel a fish in

We spent the whole afternoon on the boat and our total fish count was 19: 15 rockfish and 4 bluefish. The mate filleted the fish for us and we had a fish fry as soon as we got home. And I was sent back to NYC with a few frozen fillets, which were equally delicious and some are still waiting to be eaten. (By the way they are great dredged in egg and then Italian bread crumbs and pan fried.)

If you want to go fishing and have no idea what you’re doing, I would highly recommend hiring a boat. They were really great guys and helped us bring the fish in. Also, the marina our boat was parked at has a place for the fishermen and other fishmongers to fillet the catches of the day. It is well with your money because filleting is pretty nasty and looked hard (I’ll spare you the photos). But no matter what, you’ll have a fun and relaxing time on the boat!