There are a lot of finally’s to this post.

1. Rent. I finally saw it and it was amazing. I’ve seen the movie and was worried that I would like the movie more but that was not the case, the Broadway version is far superior. The cast was good, although I kinda was hoping that Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel were in it. I think that my main concern about liking the movie version more was that it happened to me with Chicago, I loved the movie and thought the play was good. Rent is totally the opposite; it was so much more meaningful on the stage. I would highly recommend that if you are in NY before it closes this year that you check out Rent.
2. The Democratic primaries. First of all, the DNC made the correct decision in awarding Florida and Michigan half their votes. And while I was upset that Hillary was still trudging along in the campaign, despite Obama’s clear clinching of the delegates (with the help of Superdelegates) last Tuesday, I am glad to see that she will be dropping out this weekend. I had heard that she would be suspending her campaign after Tuesday’s primaries and was confused and upset that she remained in the race and asking for more money and support. That stubbornness is the last thing that the Democrats needed at that point. It is time to move on to the General Election, Obama v. McCain, a battle that will truly be amazing to watch-the old v. the new. 
3. I apologize for not updating this all that much, to be honest I’ve been busy working every day. When I get home I just crash, sometimes work out, and relax. Also, I’ve had visitors for the last week, hopefully after I recover this will get back to updating this on a more regular basis.