While walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, my friend and I were following this woman for awhile. And her outfit was good, except for the BRIGHT purple tights. They were just too bright, especially when paired with a nice blue/teal sweater. Choose one. Wear a not so bright shirt-say white or black or name a neutral-and then add the bright tights to liven it up. Or wear your bright sweater with more neutral tights. It’s not a horrible outfit, just needs some tweaking.

Also, this was amazing:

Sorry to all my Ugg-loving friends but I really don’t like Uggs…well ok, to a point. I see their use when it’s REALLY cold (trust me I have some that are similar by Merrell that are not nearly as trendy or cute) but when it’s cool out and especially when it’s hot, Uggs are unnecessary. I think they are a bit overrated so seeing some (albeit broken ones) by the trash made my evening.