I have a difficult time parting with shoes. A shoe basically has to be broken for me to throw them away. At home, in Phoenix, I have about 30 pairs or so that just hang out, I may never wear them again, but throw them away? Not allowed! Donate them to St. Vincent de Paul or another worthy cause? No, basically because I think it’s gross. But today, I started thinking that this rule may need to be broken. Maybe I am more conscious of space due to my smaller room this year. Or maybe I am slowly becoming more practical? Eeek, I hope it’s the former. But anyway, here is what happened in a nutshell.

I have these great brown zebra flats. Unfortunately I have forgotten their name, Nanccy perhaps? Something like that. They are Steven by Steve Madden, I bought them a few summers ago when I worked at Steve Madden. They really add some needed spunk to outfits and are super cute. (See photo.) But I think that through a lot of wear & tear and storage over the summer has kinda crushed them. They don’t stay on my feet very well, causing them to click annoyingly while I walk. My little toe was scratched and annoyed all day by the stitching on the top causing a smallish blister. And now, as I look at them on the floor, searching for the name, I realize that the shoe is separating from the heel/sole in back. There are holes. Ahhh alas, I must throw away my zebra flats. They served me well. I feel as though I need to have a ceremony of some sort for them before throwing them in a bag down the trash chute. This breaks my heart, it really does, but maybe it’s a good excuse to buy new flats soon (well, as soon as I have money that is). Farewell cute shoes, I shall miss you.