I went back to Portland this summer with a friend and while looking into what to do she discovered the International Rose Test Garden.This free garden has hundreds of varieties of roses that you can wander through.

The garden was founded in 1917. We happened to visit on a day when many of the city’s Rose Ambassadors were there discussing the garden and the city. I enjoyed seeing the many different varieties of roses, and many are roses being tested (aka new hybrids) which is pretty cool.

The gardens are full of roses of every color and size you can imagine. I’d suggest going in August as we did on a sunny day, it was perfect for seeing all the roses, and I felt like most of them were in bloom. These were my favorite roses:

I just loved the color and shape of these. Not sure of the exact name, and to be honest my thumb is not very green, so if you told me I really wouldn’t know.

The gardens can be done at any pace, I’d say we were there for about an hour, maybe a bit less. It’d be very easy to get lost wandering up and down the rows and rows of roses. So check it out, at the very least, it’s a great spot if you’re doing Portland on a budget!