This Take Back NYU occupation is exhausting for everyone involved. I can only imagine the students that have been in there for almost 24 hours now. Kimmel was insane today. I walked in just before 11 am and it was eerily quiet. There seemed to be no one in the building, it was totally somber and just quiet. Something I NEVER equate with Kimmel.

I’ve been following it all day on NYU Local, WSN, word of mouth, etc. I’ve talked to many students and I’d say almost all of them are not supportive of the group. Their radical tactics and somewhat random and extreme demands don’t seem to fit in with everyone’s hopes for this school.

It doesn’t look like they will really be getting any of their demands. They no longer seem to really be cooperating with the administration. While it still is somewhat peaceful, more students bum rushed the door after lunch to join them, and later they broke the lock to the balcony at the cafeteria. Girls were topless at points. There were chants. There was also a counter protest. “Take Back Kimmel” fliers were distributed outside, someone held up a “You Suck” sign for the TBNYU kids to see.

I don’t see the point anymore. This is tiring. No one seems to want this to continue except the students involved…but they must realize that the university isn’t budging. I see administrators walking around, calculating their next move. I see students wanting their building back. I want peace in this place…I want the plethora of security guards to go home, get sleep, be with their families-many of them have been here since 7 am. I hope they are getting paid overtime. I saw dining hall employees work in a random room, serving food from iced bins. This is not my NYU. This is not the NYU I want. I’m sorry to all of you that support them but this is ridiculous. The demands, let’s compromise on them. Let’s not ask for all or nothing. Let’s work together. And maybe that’s what will come of today. Maybe we’ll have some sort of solution soon. And as much as I’m an impatient person, I feel like what TBNYU wants will take time. So don’t give up, use the avenues that are there. The administration has heard you and won’t risk this happening again-it’s an awful PR image-so speak out, and get involved in a way that will foster change. We’re not all opposed 100% to all of the demands but within reason. This isn’t the way. AT ALL.

Please stop. You’re not taking over NYU for all of us. Just you. Think of all of us. Please.