Firenze…oh Firenze how I miss it already! The last week/week and half were absolutely amazing. I wanted to stay there with my friends for longer, just to enjoy the city and see a few more sights-but alas, time ran out and I must go back another day.

One of the coolest things that I did in my last week and half in Florence was climb the duomo. It was really cool to walk through the double dome built by Brunneleschi. We also got to walk through the interior next to the painted dome. It was beautiful up close. At the top, all of Florence was visible and it was truly spectacular to see the red rooftops, white marble church facades and the greenish Arno. We stayed up there for a few minutes just enjoying the view and taking tons of pictures.

I also finally made it to Piazzele Michelangelo—a viewpoint across the Arno from the main part of Florence. I went during the day and night and the two views were completely different. During the day the sun hit the buildings, illuminating the stonework and the green trees in the distant hills. At night, the city seemed so peaceful lit up by street lamps and homes. It made me so grateful to have been studying in the city and living among such wonderful buildings. I will truly miss Italy.

The friends I made in Florence are some of my closest now. Saying goodbye was hard but I know that we will all hang out as soon as we return to New York. We got so close so fast and I don’t know what the summer would have been like without them. They made me laugh, smile and have fun—something that I truly needed. So thank you to them for being such amazing and inspiring people.

I have begun my travels through the rest of Europe. I am currently in Luzern but it is pouring cats and dogs outside so I’m inside the hostel writing. Tonight we’re heading off to Berlin on an overnight train. Let the last 9 days begin and be fun!