It began almost 2 years before the election date. States fought to have the most influence by moving their primaries more and more forward. Usually there is a nominee by the summer but alas we are still waiting for a Democratic nominee. I guess you can say that I am impatient, frustrated and just tired of this election by now, heck I was tired of it last summer. But now is when I am really getting upset. The Republican Party and John McCain (the almost official Republican nominee) are trying to persuade the Democrats who is the best nominee for them, aka who the Republicans/John McCain think they can beat.

Now, don’t get me wrong-I love that there is a competition for once and I am the first to admit that choosing between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is difficult, I decided right before I mailed in my ballot. Te two candidates are both very well qualified and have similar positions on most issues. But with their recent difference on gas prices-John McCain jumped on board to tell America that Hillary has it right-obviously hoping to boost her support in next week’s primaries in Indian and North Carolina.
This is where I must comment. The fact that the Republican front-runner/nominee/whatever John McCain’s official title is right now, is weighing in on who he wants to see the general election is not right. If I got to pick who I raced, I would pick the person who I thought that I could beat. It is no secret that the Republicans have been rooting for Hillary the entire time-they can’t compete with Obama’s charisma. The North Carolina Republican Party almost aired an anti-Obama ad-which they obviously hoped would sway voters to vote for Hillary. (I must point out that John McCain asked for this ad to be pulled, but this does not make up for his recent remarks pointing out Hillary’s strengths.) I just have one thing to say to the Republican Party and John McCain-STAY OUT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY!
Yes, I know you want to start the general election prematurely just like every other year since campaign reforms in the 1960s and 1970s and in less highly contested races. Yes, I am tired of the same debate between Hillary and Obama because they say the same thing over and over again as well as agree on every issue using slightly different vocabulary. Yes, I want the party to unite behind one person. But NO, I do not want Republicans to pick the Democratic nominee. The Democrats didn’t influence the Republican primaries, and if they did at all it was minor (I’m sorry but the options out there were limited) and so why should Republicans be allowed to influence the Democratic primary? I know that John McCain is probably bored with no one to debate and must keep his name in the news BUT this is not the way. 
So John (I can call you John right? I mean we were neighbors in AZ and you are my Senator) , how about you talk about why your positions have fluctuated so much since 2000? Oh right, you thought that being ultra-Conservative/bff with Dubya would help-and I’m sure that it has helped a bit, but your position changes no longer make you the “Maverick” that you once where and that I had more respect for. Or perhaps you can talk about your promise to repay a campaign loan with public funding (that you once supported, remember the McCain-Feingold law? oh yeah…) and now refuse to uphold that promise; you are only getting off because the FCC does not have a quorum, and won’t for awhile due to some controversy. Or maybe you can spend some more time doing your current job-being a U.S. Senator, to the millions of Arizonans-personally, I would really like to have equal representation in the Senate, even though we don’t agree on almost every issue now. Go talk to the Republicans that didn’t support you on the first go around or maybe get an edge up on those Independents that are still undecided. 
I know that this all seems crazy-a Democrat telling the Republican “nominee” (in quotes since it’s not official) what to do-but the general election should be a good one too, just like the primaries. But before we get there we need a Democratic nominee, chosen by Democrats. So to all my fellow Democrats-can we please hurry this up? I want to see a good fight over policies between the left and right. And please, do it on your own, do not vote for Hillary because John McCain said so, vote for her if you like her, if you think that she’s the best. And same with Barack Obama, don’t just vote for him because it will be a tougher race for McCain, vote for him because you think that he is the best candidate. You have a brain and you can decide for yourself who the best candidate for you is. And while I want this to be over, it could be exciting if this goes all the way to the Convention-then people might watch for once for more than the balloon toss. Let’s have an honest election, one where each party chooses the best nominee for them and then they go from there. Is that too much to ask?