This past weekend I attended the ED2010 conference here in NYC. It was 4 days of meeting people, learning more about the magazine world, and realizing what I need to do to break into it. I honestly had no idea what to expect but along the way I met some great girls, heard from editors at top magazines, got feedback, visited Vogue, and learned a lot.

The conference logo, I didn’t take any photos myself.

Anyway, I didn’t know much about Ed before and now I really want to get involved and meet more people! For anyone out there (boys too) that want to go into magazines, I suggest checking Ed out. They have city chapters across the country (and world) and you can have one at your school too. NYU doesn’t have one, and I think those of us that were there are thinking of just going to the NYC chapter events. Everyone that I met wants to help you succeed and make it in magazines, so seriously, check it out. I could go into more about how great I thought my weekend was, so just ask me about it!