This past weekend was NYU’s traditional formal dance, Violet Ball, held in the one and only Bobst Library. I had never been, so of course the best time to go is Senior Year. Most of the crowd was seniors, which made it really fun because you got to have run-ins with people that you’ve known for four years but don’t necessarily ever see.

There were a few important highlights of my evening. The first was dancing with Bobcat, our mascot (named for the Bobst catalog system-yes, my school is that awesome). It was shortly after I arrived and well, as you can see, we broke it down!

My second highlight also involved Bobcat, but this time it also involved some lovely girls that I met Welcome Week freshman year at the Beach Ball, when we took a strikingly similar photo with Bobcat. We felt like our college career came full circle in this moment. I couldn’t agree more.

Between dancing, catching up with friends, being hit on by an underage student (note: don’t hit on the people that buy you a drink because they feel bad for your bad night) and just partying in Bobst, I really enjoyed myself. I am going to miss college but this night proved to me that I must cherish the next few months here at NYU. Where else can you party in the library with your mascot? Where else can you study and go out in the greatest city in the world (or at least America)?

So thank you NYU for all of the great memories-I can’t wait to finish senior year on top!