I’ve been meaning to blog about this since I went to Cupcake Camp NYC last Friday, but this was a crazy week (I wrote 2 papers-30 pages-in 5 days essentially). But I wanted to share my thoughts on this event.

My friend Bridget invited me to this event and OMG was I excited! Tons and tons of cupcakes and some cupcake inspired cocktails-I’m so there. We arrived and the line was around the block-and only got longer-it was exciting for so many people to be excited about cupcakes too! But when I got in, I was a bit confused and disappointed to be honest.

The place was packed-obviously. I walked into the swarm of people and was only looking for cupcakes. There were people walking around with boxes upon boxes of cupcakes. I had no idea where they came from. People at tables were surrounded but seemed to be protecting their baked goods-I couldn’t tell if some of them were vendors or just partygoers. I headed downstairs where AHA! Cupcakes!! There were a few types left and I grabbed two-a mint chocolate chip cupcake and a chocolate/chocolate. They were tasty-the mint chocolate chip one had a thin mint on top and the frosting was divine. But I had some issues.

I think that the cupcake-handing out should have been monitored a bit more. Yes, I was fortunate to get 2 cupcakes, and Cupcake Camp NYC addressed that issue in their post about the event. I totally see where they are coming from about people being angry about not getting cupcakes, I think that the complaints were probably too harsh-I mean seriously, the line was INSANE! My suggestion for future events would be to restrict the amount of cupcakes people can take on their first go. I had no idea people would have boxes upon boxes to take cupcakes home-which is genius on their part-but it wasn’t fair to those of us who just wanted a cupcake or two-like the poor people in the back of the line.

I think the staff/organizers did a good job to make sure that cupcakes were out/rotating flavors (I saw them doing this once I found the cupcake room), but for such a huge event, some more monitoring needed to be in place. I think it would have been great to have the event in a more open space with the bakers and their cupcakes handing out what they have (granted, this would not have worked for those that brought a dozen or so). This would have been a great way to put a face with a yummy baked good, and allowed for more flow.

I liked the event-I think the concept is really cool, but I think some tweaks will make it even better. I look forward to future Cupcake Camps and hopefully I’ll hear about it sooner so I can contribute some cupcakes too!