I’m guessing most of you saw my excited tweet, or my photos on Facebook, that on Monday, October 11, James popped the question! Over my lunch break! We have been talking about this for some time and had gone ring shopping but I had no idea that he was going to do it then, let alone he had the ring. I want to share the story with you all because it’s super cute and very us.

Back story: James and I have been seriously discussing marriage/getting engaged since the end of summer, ok like beginning of August. We went ring shopping during his Ring Weekend and found some BEAUTIFUL rings. I knew he’d ordered one and that it would take up to 2 months to get (that’s a long story) because I have tiny fingers and the setting that I really loved couldn’t just be resized from the standard size without screwing stuff up. But I had no idea that James already had the ring or what he was planning on doing (although he decided the day before that he was going to propose to me on Monday). Also, I had kinda forgotten what the ring looked like exactly so imagine my surprise when…

James had Columbus Day off, I did not, so we had spent the weekend in Baltimore and came back late Sunday. Monday morning I went to work and we had plans to meet for lunch in Bryant Park (right near my office). We had done this over the summer when he didn’t have school or training. I had suggested Chipotle because he loves it, and so do I. At 1 pm he texts me that he’s there and secured a spot on the lawn. I come out and see that he has set up a blanket to have a picnic lunch! I am already going AWWWW and we hug/say hello, when he drops to one knee, pulls out a ring box and asks, “Will you marry me?” I freak out and say yes, he asks to put the SPARKLY, BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger. I hug and kiss him, am crying, say Oh My God about a million times, am smiling, kissing him, basically super excited. Before I go on, here is the ring:

We sit down and well, I’m still freaking out. But James had bought a nice bottle of Champagne and glasses to celebrate. We also had Chipotle, but (ok this is my favorite part) somewhere along the way he lost his burrito so we just had tacos. I was taking pictures of everything and us when this nice woman came up and told us Congratulations and offered to take our photo. So this is our picnic:

We called our parents. I texted my friends and tweeted and everything else. We ate our tacos and drank some champagne. We were just enjoying the moment. Then we tried to think about how to cork the champagne, haha. We made our own stopper out of a bag and the metal topping. Then, it was time to head back to work for me, and for James to go back to school. Typical us. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I got back to work and gushed to my co-workers, and tried to figure out what to do with the champagne. It was kinda difficult to work that afternoon, but it was fine.

We are so excited and happy! There is no official date yet but it’ll be next summer, probably end of June/beginning of July. I’ll be blogging about all of my wedding planning adventures, so stay tuned for the stress, fun, dreams, etc.