On our day off from skiing we headed to the Coors factory, since we were staying in Golden, the home of Coors. It’s a free tour and includes up to 3 full samples of Coors owned beer (more on that later).

Adolph Coors started his brewery in Golden because of the fine quality of water. It was emphasized by the self-guided, audio tour. The guy that recorded it was super cheesy, and I LOVED it. I can’t explain it but trust me, it’s a bit funny, if you like the cheesiness. For instance, he calls the rejected beer “sad beer,” which upon questioning an employee isn’t an actual term.

The water-the key to Coors

You get to see a lot of the factory, including the copper vats (not the technical name) where it all comes together. There is also a control room, and I’m sure if you go not at the end of the day (and on a Sunday, like we did), you will see more employees brewing beer.

There is also a “Quality Control Room,” where they test the beer and make sure it’s good. I’m not sure of their exact standards, since personally, Coors Light isn’t my favorite. But Coors also owns/brews Blue Moon, Molson Canda and George Killian’s Irish Red.

The first sample you get is tiny, I’d compare it to the size of a shot, and you have the option of Coors Light or Coors Banquet. I opted for Banquet and it was pretty good. Then you go to the tasting room at the very end, which is essentially a bar with only Coors (officially MillerCoors) products, and soda. I tried Molson Canda, which I really liked. My boyfriend tried the Blue Moon seasonal, Winter Ale, which was pretty good. 
Overall, it was really fun to see how beer was brewed, and the audio guide was funny. Even if you aren’t a fan of Coors it’s a good tour, and you don’t have to drink the beer if you don’t want to. I’d suggest going if you have an hour or so to kill in Golden, and want some free beer!