I was invited this week to see a preview of Planet Green’s show Conviction Kitchen II and meet the stars of the show, Marc Thuet and Biana Zorich. I had never heard of the show, probably because I have a basic cable package and don’t get Planet Green. It was great hearing about another cooking show on TV, that isn’t on Food Network or TLC (although I love both).

Cast of Conviction Kitchen on Planet Green


At first glance Chef Thuet looks like Guy Fieri but the two are nothing alike besides their platinum hair. The French cook and his wife Biana star in the show as they teach ex-cons to cook and work in a fine-dining restaurant. The two say they they were inspired to give back and help others after Marc overcame his own drug addictions. The first season was set in Toronto, where the two live, while the 2nd is in Vancouver.

What I like about the show is that it really is about helping these people rejoin society, have a job and get their lives together. You see people quit that aren’t ready for the commitment and others struggle as they slip back into drugs because of their surroundings. I am really interested to see what happens to these ex-cons as the season continues.

The only sad news for those of you without Planet Green is that the network does not stream full episodes online. I did find some on the site for the Canadian network that airs the show but it would not load on my computer (could just be my internet being my internet). If you do get Planet Green I suggest watching it. I could tell from the luncheon that Biana and Marc really do care about the people on the show. They still have people from Season 1 working for them and stay in touch with everyone. While the Vancouver restaurant is no longer open, they did share that they were able to find their employees new jobs throughout the city. I think that what they are doing is great. And do recommend the show. If you know of a place to stream online let me know! For now, here is a clip from the show from Planet Green’s site: