I’ve been a fan of Chihuly since middle school. That probably sounds a bit crazy but my mom ran the Art Masterpiece program in our school district and introduced some new artists, so it was more than just Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt and Lichtenstein. She added Dale Chihuly, the Pacific Northwest native who is an amazing glass artist. He hasn’t let an accident that left him injured in one eye (he wears a patch) stop him. Now he’s probably one of the most recognized, and I’d say, copied glass artists around. You’ll know his work: the ceiling at the Bellagio is all him. My friends and I also got to meet Chihuly at an art gallery in Scottsdale, something I’ll never forget.

Anyway, I digressed. Chihuly is from Tacoma, WA, and his glass is everywhere. He recently opened an exhibition in Seattle in the shadow of the Space Needle called Chihuly Garden & Glass. The exhibit features a wide range of his work, from baskets to chandeliers to garden features. It is truly breathtaking.

The glasshouse at Garden and Glass is literally in the shadows of the Space Needle (c) Jessica Hall

The 10 rooms and garden showcase a different style. There are baskets inspired by Native Americans, sea life towers, the Persian ceiling, forms inspired by gardens, floating pieces, chandeliers, macchias (giant bowls with multiple colors), the glasshouse, garden and theater  that chronicles Chihuly’s process when installing installations. Each piece is truly beautiful and I can’t really put it into words so here are some of my favorites:

A tower in the garden


Mille Fiori, a garden of glass inspired by Chihuly’s mother


Sealife Room, this is a close-up of a huge tower filled with these small “lifeforms” throughout, particularly in the base

I would highly recommend checking out the exhibition. It is truly breathtaking and well worth the money. They also offer a chance to come back in the evening to see the garden at night. I wish I could have stayed in Seattle that late but alas, next time. I saw Chihuly’s exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix at night and it was beautiful (and one of my hubby and my favorite dates ever). So check it out and let me know what you think!