We went on a bit of a Spring cleaning spree this past weekend and organized our home office/spare bedroom. It was pretty much our junk room, filled with stacks of papers, board games, anything that didn’t really have a space in the rest of our place. It was getting out of control, we needed to solve the problem aka organize the room.

This meant going through all sorts of papers to put into our new filing cabinet (and shredding a lot too) but we also realized that we needed homes for a lot of other things—photos, stationery, printer paper, etc. So on the same Ikea trip where we found our new entry table, we also got another bookshelf. It’s often shown in store with containers that take up each shelf but I wanted flexibility, and I’m not a huge fan of those plastic bins.

As I was figuring out what all would go on the bookshelf I channeled my inner Pinterest, specifically those pins of cute, clean work spaces with vases next to binders and patterned boxes. There was a Target and Michael’s trip involved to organize everything, and I actually need to go to Target one more time, but I came up with:

I wanted an eclectic mix of things, so I really did channel my Pinterest boards when I went shopping. I wanted to keep it simple but fun. The teal basket and red tray are from Target. The memory boxes are Michael’s. I’m planning on getting another basket for the bottom left shelf this week to finish putting everything away. Eventually I will add some other knick knacks to the empty spaces but for now this is beyond refreshing. (P.S. the art on the wall is by my uber-talented cousin Melissa Payne Baker, she does really amazing work!)

The room before was just a mess. Papers everywhere. Not even in any semblance of order so this feels awesome. I’m just hoping that I can maintain the neatness over time…and find some more cute decorative things to add to the open spaces! For now, I am just happy to be organized. And be able to really use the office, there is nothing worse than having a space too messy to even want to walk into.

So what do you think…success? Any suggestions of other cute decorations to buy? How do you organize your home office?