I’d heard about Brooklyn Flea Market for months but just I hadn’t had a chance to actually make the trek to Fort Greene until this weekend. I was most excited about the food, including Stroopwafels, grilled cheese and ice cream. I was pleasantly surprised that it only took me 30 minutes to get from 86th Street to Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn (I may be going to Target more often…depending on how the one in Harlem is once it opens).

Anyway, to the good stuff, the market. On Saturdays, when I went, Brooklyn Flea is held on the backside of a high school, so it’s all outside (bring water if it’s hot). My friend Danielle and I decided to wander up the furtherst side and see what we could find. There was all sorts of good stuff! Vintage clothing, cool jewelry (vintage and new), furniture, ceramic cookware (that I WANT!) and antiques. There was so much stuff I was a bit overwhelmed. Well, we were hot and looking for some refreshments so headed straight to check out the food in the back. First up: People’s Pops. The guys shave ice by hand into this nifty shaved-ice-collector-thing as well as sell popsicles. We opted for the Raspberry, which was basically frozen raspberries, with the seeds and everything. It was the perfect snack as we wandered around some more.

There was a BEAUTIFUL table that I would like to buy, if I had a house/the space/the money. All of the jewelry was really cool. There were rings and cuff links made of old typewriter and computer keyboard keys, cool sunglasses and LPs. I totally want to go back and buy a homebrewing kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. Also, once I figure out just what jewelry I want I’m so going back. I was really tempted by the vintage cocktail rings and some of the handmade necklaces. Our next purchase though was stroopwafels from The Good Batch. I got the nutella one-delicious. Danielle got the Honey Bear (peanut butter), which was giant, and also delicious. A woman even saw us with them and asked what is that? I gladly told her where the stand was.

After a bit more wandering it was time for some real food. We splurged on lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster. Having not eaten lobster for a really long time, and never having a lobster roll, I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was good. We sat in the shade-that was necessary. I ended my food-gorging adventure with some iced tea from The Milk Truck, not my favorite iced tea, not sure if it was the honey or cardamon that threw me off a bit, but it was nice for our walk back to the subway.

All in all, I really enjoyed Brooklyn Flea. As soon as I have my housing situation finalized I’m going back for decorations. There were some really cool frames and artwork. Oh! That reminds me, didn’t catch his name but this one guy makes AMAZING art on post-it notes. Seriously some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen. But yeah, if you’re in the market for home decor, clothes, shoes, jewelry, or just food, check out the Market. I may try to go on a Sunday since I think that one is indoors, try some different food, and buy some stuff!