There are days when I just don’t know what to blog about (due to the lack of posts you can tell that that’s been happening a lot). But I always draw inspiration from my fellow bloggers and friends. Recently some of my friends have started new blogs and I just absolutely love them! I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you and why you should read them too.

Off the Record is by my amazing friend Karen. She is an editor at Parents and actually asked me for some tips (whaaat?) when starting this little project of hers. She is writing for fun and honestly it is truly amazing. Being on the other side of the country from Karen I can say honestly that her posts are 100% how she speaks. I’m pretty sure if we were having our frequent coffees/post-work get togethers still that these are the EXACT stories she would share. And in exactly the same voice. It’s a fun read, and by fun I mean hilarious. Seriously, read it. You’ll even learn some geography, if you had no idea that West Virginia is it’s own state.

My friend Caitlin is writing a blog all about training for her first marathon this spring on putonefootinfrontoftheother. Besides blogging her training stats (is that the correct term Caitlin?) she talks about her challenges-physical, mental, etc.–when it comes to running, delicious looking food that she eats and makes for her students (she’s in Grad School), and just general thoughts. One of my favorites was her post titled “On Perfection.” It discusses what perfection means to her, for her body, diet, mind and soul. It is really a beautiful piece.

I lived with this blogger/writer/editor in NYC prior to getting married/moving West. We bonded over our love of food, both things we cooked in our kitchen (which was/is big for Manhattan) and what/where we ate out. We swapped restaurants and tips. Her new blog is self-titled, Christine Wei, is passionate about food and travel. Her updates are fun and lately very global since she’s traveling right now!

Some other new sites/blogs that I enjoy:

Oh, What Love is perfect for anyone planning a wedding. I came across this blog via #bridechat on Twitter. The woman behind it, Mariah, has great taste and also helps brides plan their weddings with her own design work and DIY styling. Also, she has an awesome Pinterest.

Do you know Zooey Deschanel? She’s the star of New Girl on Fox and half of the duo She & Him (if you still don’t know her she played Jovie in Elf). Anyway, she and her BFFLs started Hello Giggles, a site designed to be a fun and entertaining site for women. It makes me smile and has a ton of nail art ideas. Like a gagillion. I’m currently brainstorming ideas to send them for a contributing post because I just love them so much. Happiness all around.

Those are some of my favorites right now, what are yours? They are in my Blogroll in the right toolbar along with some of my other favorite sites. Any other blogs that I MUST check out?