Joe Biden won. The end. If there is a question in your mind about it then I don’t know what debate you were watching.

Sarah Palin was well prepared, I will give her that. That being said, she was reading her notes/had everything memorized. Look at how quickly she spoke-how many key phrases she had down and right on cue. It was ridiculous. We’ve seen Joe Biden before-he’s quick on his feet and articulate. Of course he memorized things too but he was able to actually rebut Palin’s points while she repeated herself and went back to previous questions.

My favorite quote of the evening: “I am so glad to hear that you love Israel too, that’s just great.” -Sarah Palin

Her folksiness really bothered me. And since when does Alaska have a Minnesota accent? That was weird. How many times did we hear oh darn, Main Street, Maverick, Alaska, energy, etc.? It was absurd. Actually she was pretty much a broken record player. We know what it’s like to have the good old boy as president but now the Main St girl? I don’t think we’ll fair much better America. Also she wants to expand the role of VP…umm NO. Dick Cheney pretty much did that these last 8 years and it was HORRIBLE. He was in the White House all the time making decisions that have not helped our country. I’m not saying the VP should do nothing but they certainly shouldn’t do anything like what Cheney did.

There was more-much more-that happened. Please share your thoughts.