I don’t know about you but I hate doing dishes. I don’t want anything more than a dishwasher, or at least a double sink. Anyway, it was time for a new sponge-the old one was on its last leg and was super gross. So today while doing some shopping for my boyfriends birthday, my roommate and I stopped into the Container Store to look at wrapping stuff, and well everything else! (Sidenote: We LOVE LOVE LOVE The Container Store.)

While walking through the kitchen aisles, she remembered that we needed sponges. There were so many pretty ones but she settled on a set of 3 pink-shaded cloth sponges by Casabella. My initial thought was, “those are pretty” but that was about it. We got home and Anna started to tackle her dishes in the sink and exclaimed “Oh my God! These are awesome!” I was excited but still thought, “How can a sponge be that amazing?” Then I used them…

The sponge is super squishy and soft. It absorbs the soap really well, I only put soap on once while washing plates, silverware, pans and cups. My favorite part about the sponge was that my hands didn’t feel gross after washing dishes. There was no residual grimy feel and the dishes were sparkling! I want to do my dishes now!

I couldn’t find the exact picture of our sponge set but this is basically them from Casabella’s website! Find them nearby you and scrub away!