The Olympics began on Friday night and I was beyond excited!

Beijing produced a beautiful and extremely visually stimulating Opening Ceremonies. The LED screen was AMAZING!! The drums at the beginning were beyond cool-I loved the synchronization, lights and overall effect. I also liked the boxes that were controlled by people because I really thought that it was computerized so was very surprised when people popped out at the end. Lighting the flame was really cool! That guy “running” along the beautiful Bird’s Nest. And all those fireworks!! The tai chi part was boring and the little Asian children were cute BUT semi-creepy…maybe their voices were just a little too high pitched. Besides that, it was spectacular. I really enjoyed watching it. 
It amazes me how many countries there are in the world. They just kept coming and coming and coming! I enjoyed seeing the many outfits and the range from 1-600+ athletes. The cute little Chinese boy that survived and helped rescue his classmates after the earthquake this summer was incredible. He was soooo tiny compared to Yao Ming and precious when he said “Thank you” to the NBC interviewer with Ming. 
I love watching the different events-I really need to get the sound fixed on my cable because I can’t watch anything on USA. BUT swimming has been great-the men are really attractive, which is a plus, I won’t lie. USA won fencing gold, silver and bronze in Women’s saber, which was really exciting. I can’t wait for gymnastics to really get under way and see what happens.
The only downside to all of the Olympics-the commentators. They were BEYOND distracting during the Opening Ceremonies. I would have enjoyed them more if they stopped talking long enough to hear the music that went so well with the movement on the floor. And the ridiculous drama that they are currently discussing during the current swim prelims I am watching for 400 m Freestyle (Women). Oh well…I hope it gets better but it probably won’t.