Awhile ago we went on an epic Ikea adventure that ended with us driving back with a mismatched bookshelf/hutch tied to the top of our SUV:

The bookshelf was perfect except for one thing: it was a bit mismatched. It was in my favorite As-Is section and apparently they had gotten two damaged bookcases in black and white. Being the same style they put them together and made this mismatched:

The question became how to make this less mismatched. I scoured the internet to find ideas and tips to redoing Ikea furniture. They put that glossy finish on it so I wanted to ensure we could get it off and paint/stain as needed. I asked a lot of friends and family for their opinion as well and decided that what I really wanted was to make all the white drawers black and make the background color different. So then we got to work.

First James took the white pieces and stripped and sanded them until they were just their wooden pieces. Then came the stain and lacquer. I’m not sure how many times he stained the pieces, at least 4 times, maybe 5, to get it to the black of the bookshelf.

Then came the painting of the back of the hutch. We looked at a lot of wallpaper samples, decided on one and then realized that when you order wallpaper you can’t just order a small amount, oh no, the minimum is 2 rolls, which by my calculations would be at least one wall in our home. I couldn’t find our favorite online to order samples so we decided to get creative. We bought a textured, paintable wallpaper and paint and got to work.

First we adhere the wallpaper:

The wallpaper had to dry and then we got to painting. First, we put down a grey primer and then lightly painted gold, bronze, silver and teal all over. It was a bit splotchy looking but also wanted to make sure that the primer was covered by something that would shimmer. This is what we got:

Put it all together and….

Then we fill it with cookbooks and our china and voila!

I will admit that James did a lot of this work, couldn’t have done it without him that’s for sure. He did a great job and I absolutely love having this space to put our placemats, candles, etc. in the drawers. I am also excited to have all of our china out of their respective boxes and ready to use! We don’t have all of the pieces of the set yet but we’re getting there. I’m hoping to find a cute bookend to hold up the cookbooks but for now I think the candle my mom gave me as a bridal shower gift will do the trick!

What do you think of our great DIY project?