So you may have an inkling that I love my local farmers market and using fresh produce in my cooking. Strawberry season was far too short here in Washington, although I ate a lot of great ones in their few weeks, but raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are in full swing, and I hope they are here to stay. I bought half a flat of raspberries last week and a mix of all three berries in one flat this weekend. And while I probably could eat all of them in a few sittings, I decided to bake with most of them. First up: raspberries.

I used the delicious berries in a quick and easy scone recipe from Martha.

The scones were beyond easy: just needed to pulse the ingredients in a food processor and fold in the raspberries before pulling apart and baking. They were moist and delicious, needless to say they were breakfast most of the last week.

Then the mixed berries. I had 3 raspberry pints, 2 blackberry pints and 1 blueberry pint. I decided that I wanted to do something with all three so I browsed my Pinterest for some mixed berry recipes. Then I found the recipe: Triple Berry Summer Buttermilk Bundt Cake from Smitten Kitchen. Another plus to this recipe was that it allowed me to keep using my buttermilk that I had bought for the scones.

Anyway, it was another simple recipe, and the batter was tasty! But just look at how pretty i looked in the pan pre-baking:

And the after:

Not the best photo to see the slices but best I was able to get before I sliced it all up. Sorry :/

I either didn’t have too juicy of a lemon or just like my glaze a bit thinner than the Smitten Kitchen folks, so I added lemon juice (from a bottle) until I could more easily spread the glaze on the cake. But the end result was pure deliciousness.

The rest of the berries are going straight into my stomach, or mixed into some yogurt. We’ll see. But I am absolutely loving these fresh summer fruits. I think in a week or so the peaches will be perfect, so look out for a new peach idea or two. How else do you use your summer berries?