I realized that I have not updated since leaving Frankfurt last Monday. I’ve been soaking in America/just plain busy. It’s wonderful to be home. I spent a few days with family in DC, where I went on a boat ride on the Potomac from Mount Vernon which was really beautiful. It poured rain that day so I spent some quality time in a barn that George Washington designed to have horse run around, separate the wheat from the stalk and have it fall below into a storage area. What made it unique was that it was covered, so that the wheat would stay dry and the process could even be done during bad weather. One of my favorite things about DC was the route to and from DC to where I was staying-at one point I could see the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. It was beautiful-especially at night. I wish I took at picture but alas I did not.

Coming back to New York was like a homecoming. Not with people but just the feeling. I love the energy of this place and missed it while I was away. From the second I got off my train at Penn Station I was smiling. Since I had left Times Square has closed off lanes of traffic for pedestrian areas. It is awful for cabs, busses and cars but it made walking through that tourist trap so nice! There were just as many people in a much larger space, so basically you can breathe! What a novel concept! I also moved-and am still unpacking stuff, I have way too much stuff. Actually what’s left is my TV and decorations. I’ve been busy with Back to School programs which I completely love. Every once in awhile I realize that I’m a senior which is scary but I’m excited. I’m going to make the most out of this year!

Sorry this post is not the most exciting but it’s good to be home in America. Home of giant meals, Bacon, fast internet, frequent users of deodorant, and so much more. In the near future, when I have a bit more time to update, I hope to return this to it’s usual randomness of news articles, videos, and whatever else is on my mind. So check back, I’ll write soon!