Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is apparently slated to be Obama’s Secretary on Homeland Security, according to CNN. This is a great opportunity for Janet who is smart and dedicated. I think she’ll do a great job. There are no reports on whether or not this is true but the fact that her press secretary won’t discuss the matter is pretty big.

It’s unfortunate for Arizona because Janet has truly been a good governor. Although a democrat, she upset both sides of the aisle at times. Also, with her departure (assuming she is confirmed, which I’m sure will happen) Jan Brewer will become governor. Brewer isn’t that nice and has done some shady things-namely encouraging people to vote with her “friendly” face while she was up for re-election. She also is just not a nice person to deal with, according to people that work in elections that need to get information-PUBLIC INFORMATION-from her office.

Also, hundreds of people will be out of a job-2 years before they expected to be. Yes, political appointees and their staff expect the day to come when they must pack up their desks and make room for the new administration. But being so early and with this horrible economy will just be tough for those hundreds of people working in state government.

In the end though, I think the opportunity is great for Governor Napolitano. She is a great woman-kind, smart and funny-and deserves this great job. Good luck Janet! Make AZ more proud 🙂