The New York Times published an article today, Parents Pulling the Plugs on Williamsburg Trust-Funders about how the economy is hurting people in Williamsburg, and while they don’t mention them specifically, anyone that lives in NYC knows that this means hipsters. They interviewed a guy that wrote a book about the newest clique/style/whatever you want to call them.

Here was Gawker’s take on the story: Financial Crisis Forcing Hipsters To Be Weaned Off The Parental Teat, complete with a photo from Look at this Fucking Hipster.

I can’t agree with Gawker more. Or the people interviewed in the Times going, “oh poor you, your parents won’t pay for your ridiculous lifestyle anymore.” I know that especially as a college student I need my parents help, but I admit it, hipsters hardly ever do. Maybe now they will understand everything that they preach for a little better now that they must survive (more) on their own. Hopefully, they will be less pretentious in my classes come the fall…hopefully.

And, well I had to include a photo from Look at this Fucking Hipster too…