On Friday night I went to the Armani Red Carpet Retrospective at their 5th Avenue Flagship store. The prospect of seeing Lady Gaga’s Grammy dress and other celebritites’ stunning looks intrigued me. So I headed uptown and was 100% impressed.

Not only could you see the dresses, you could get up close and personal with them-as long as you didn’t touch them. Lady Gaga’s dress was more of a nude jumpsuit with sequins and plastic-y hoop skirt thing.

Beyonce’s Grammy dress was truly art. The dress was made of gold and silver chains, which I can only imagine was really heavy.

Other prominent dresses were Anne Hathaway’s blue dress from the 2009 Golden Globes and Penelope Cruz’s black lace Golden Globes from this year. They were gorgeous up close-you could truly see the craftsmanship put into each dress. Another plus, there was the really friendly sales associates who explained the dresses to my friend and me. She walked us to a Fergie dress to look at the hand-stitching and bead work involved.

I would highly suggest visiting the Armani store before the dresses are shipped back to their storage place-not sure where that is-on March 21. It’s a great way to see beautiful dresses that you only wish you could afford.