For my birthday (which is this week), my mom sent me pounds upon pounds (19 to be exact) of juice oranges from our tree in Phoenix, as well as a juicer. I haven’t had too much time to juice fresh glasses every morning so I have been trying to do a few glasses at a time but I have been crazy busy and not doing that either. So tonight I decided to squeeze the rest of them. I had no idea how much was left, but my oh my did I have a lot.

About 2/3 of the orangs

The oranges from my house are incredibly juicy, full of pulp and tons of seeds. The only issue this poses is clogging up the juicer, which just adds time to the whole process since I need to clean out the juicer.

Juicing away

Yes I just hold the orange on instead of using the plastic shield that comes with the juicer. It’s easier since the oranges are a bit on the small side and allows for more control. But all of this work paid off.  I really had no idea how many cups of orange juice were left and after juicing them all I filled an entire carafe and 2 glasses.

Carafe of Orange Juice

You know what I’ll be drinking with my breakfast for the rest of the week. Juicy, sweet Arizona orange juice, even during this wet and cold NYC winter. Maybe the oranges will help bring some AZ sunshine into my birthday week!